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  • Follow the instruction of the README of the KC repository
    • Make sure to use the flag, otherwise KualiCo specific dependencies are included.
    • Two different version of coeus-api-all will need to be compliled since coeus-s2sgen uses a different version from kc.
      • I repeatedly build kc to determine what dependencies (and versions) are needed instead of looking through the pom.
  • I used the kc-dump.sql file of a bundled KC dev installation to create the KC database. Also for simplicity I pointed both KC and the standalone Rice server to that database (see configuration files).  This is not what one would do with a production system.
  • I used the following configuration files in ~/kuali/main/dev: kc-config.xml, rice-config.xml and the generic rice.keystore
  • I ran Rice in Intellij and KC directly from an tomcat instance.  Because of this two tomcat configurations are needed to avoid conflicts of the pom.
    • KC uses a standard tomcat install
    • Rice (Intellij) uses a copy of the standard tomcat install.  Change all port numbers in apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml (e.g. 80xx -> 81xx).  Edit RunConfiguration of Intellij to use that tomcat instance for running the rice-standalone server.