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Date and Time: September 13, 3-4 pm Eastern Time
Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 844-0850
Participant Access Code: 429965#
Facilitator: Eric Westfall


  1. Roll-call - Eric Westfall
  2. Agenda bash
  3. Update on Kuali Rice 1.0.3
  4. Update on Kuali Rice 1.1
  5. Contributing code back to Rice. Do implementers have things to contribute but they just aren't sure how to go about doing it?
  6. Making effective use of the collaboration meetings. Is a monthly meeting still worthwhile?
  7. Additional agenda items?
  8. Future meetings topics?



  • Eric Westfall
  • Jonathan Keller
  • David Harrison (question)
  • Ron Splitgerber
  • Aaron Hamid
  • Peter Giles
  • James Renfro
  • Keith Scott
  • Jeremy Hanson
  • Curtis Bray
  • Emerson David
  • Mohammed Kousheh
  • Wes Price
  • Yavuz Ozkan
  • Jessica Coltrin
  • Warren Liang
  • David Elyea
  • Francis Bouchard

Agenda Bash

  • Mohamed - sent a message awhile ago where we want to integrate kuali products with kuali rice if we have common data for integration that will help us to implement whatever system.
    • So, for example, we are implementing KC and one of the things that we need is the default settings for KIM data.
    • If there is some common data that is the base data, that would be really helpful. We end up going through the test data and figuring out what we should define.
    • Warren - here at Irvine we're going to partition the sequence numbers, Coeus gets all of the odd numbers
      • Eric - in rice we don't partition except for KIM where we are working on identifying sequence ranges (need to follow up on where this is at)
    • Aaron - one strategy we are taking with our upgrade is to bump our sequences across the board so we can know looking at sequences when data was added
      • we may run into a similar data issue with KFS
    • Jonathan - for the KFS 4 release a lot of the identifiers for data that are used in the shared tables are prefixed with KFS
  • Mohammed - had an odd problem where the search screens (KNS lookups) where they weren't showing the search criteria, has anyone else ever seen this?
    • Eric - no I haven't seen this.
    • Mohammed - works on one of our installations but not on the either
    • Eric - I would check and see what the differences are between the environments. Maybe tomcat versions?
      • If you find out what's going on please let us know, especially if it looks like it's a rice problem.
  • David Harrison - does anyone know the status of the Grouper integration?
    • Eric - yes, it was released with the latest version of Grouper
    • see the Grouper website on the downloads page
    • we need to follow up on the Rice side to have it listed on our contributions page

Contributing code back to Rice. Do implementers have things to contribute but they just aren't sure how to go about doing it?

  • Eric - if there's anyone out there who have code or projects that they are doing around Rice that might be possible contributions, let me know.

Action Item

  • Eric - Follow up on the sequence ranges for KIM discussed in KTI.
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