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KULRICE-9615 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error

Generating the Schema Spy output

  • Install and configure schemaspy.
  • Setup your Rice Database for the version you want to run schemaspy on.
  • Please see the attached example script: for how to create and introduce the offline downloadable zip file of the schemaspy output.
  • The schema-spy output is linked to from src/site/docbook/books/database_diagrams.xml
    • We're not using the version tag for the link to schema spy as it doesn't need to be updated for minor releases if structural database changes haven't been made.

Publishing the output

First time s3cmd setup:

  • Install S3cmd
  • Install GPG
    • On Mac install GPGTools
      • Run GPG Keychain Access to setup your GPG private key
    • On Linux install GPG (apt-get install gnupg)
    • On Windows install GPG4win
  • Config s3cmd
    • s3cmd --configure
    • Use the credentials provided
    • Choose any pasword for "encrypted password", for transfer only
    • Save the file to ~/

Using s3cmd:

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