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The team is currently developing Rice 2.0. View a more detailed timeline and breakdown of Rice 2.0 features at Rice 2.0 Milestones.

See details on our release cycles, i.e. frequency of major, minor, and patch releases at Rice Roadmap - Release Cycles.


Version 2.0

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Future Versions

Below is the prioritized list of features for Rice 2.1 and future releases of Rice. Items for 2.1 will be pulled from the top of this list and number of items completed will be based on available resources.

  1. KRRM-50 A consistent documentation framework for all Rice components
  2. KRRM-56 Expand support for XML import and export of data
  3. KRRM-12 Implement Escalation Functionality
  4. KRRM-14 Improve Capabilities of Exception Routing
  5. KRRM-119 Implement ability to define custom “flow” for exception routing processes
  6. KRRM-70 Standardize Configuration Parameter Names
  7. KRRM-36 Research into various open standard workflow process definition languages (such as BPEL, BPMN, YAWL, XPDL, etc.)
  8. KRRM-127 Research the approach and requirements for a GUI for KEW
  9. KRRM-102 Implement declarative loop support within the Kuali workflow engine
  10. KRRM-132 Implement integration of open standard workflow process definition languages
  11. KRRM-124 Rice tooling: administrative tools for all Rice components (KEW, KIM, BRMS etc). Generalizes KRRM-29
  12. KRRM-129 Create a tool that can be used to generate various KRAD-required artifacts and accelerate general development velocity
  13. KRRM-126 Implement a GUI for business activity monitoring
  14. KRRM-128 Create improved and comprehensive documentation on how to use the KRAD development framework
  15. KRRM-125 Improvements to the KSB Service Registry UI
  16. KRRM-130 Create a "drag-and-drop" graphical tool that can be used to construct KRAD user interfaces
  17. KRRM-6 Batch File Scheduler and Monitor
  18. KRRM-3 Accessibility Standards
  19. KRRM-1 Replace OJB with Java Persistence API (JPA)
  20. KRRM-41 Research how Kuali RIce can better support Federated Identity Management Services
  21. KRRM-22 Implement "update" operations for the various KIM services
  22. KRRM-131 Implement Accessibility Standards
  23. KRRM-114 Provide a remotable service API for import/export
  24. KRRM-115 Allow for XML import operations to be decentralized
  25. KRRM-101 Rice Framework Compatibility
  26. KRRM-133 Implement Support for Federated Identity Management Services
  27. KRRM-24 Add support for "versionable" documents
  28. KRRM-16 Improved Error Handling and User Messages
  29. KRRM-8 Document Search Improvements
  30. KRRM-13 Implement simple Document-Type-based Delegation Features
  31. KRRM-90 Add support in Rice for integration of a DMS system with Kuali applications
  32. KRRM-44 Security Metadata - Data Dictionary enhancements
  33. KRRM-25 Design and implement Kuali Organization Management (KOM)
  34. KRRM-59 Architecture and functionality review of KEN
  35. KRRM-74 Implement Referential Integrity on KEW database tables
  36. KRRM-7 KIM Management Screens
  37. KRRM-9 Action List Improvements
  38. KRRM-27 Support for different DBMS platforms
  39. KRRM-64 Work on a strategy for User Interface that can leverage a common dictionary service model
  40. KRRM-31 RIA (Rich Internet Application) UI Frameworks
  41. KRRM-82 Internationalization and Localization Features
  42. KRRM-75 Consolidate Notes and Attachments between KNS and KEW and KS
  43. KRRM-58 Convert KEN user interfaces to use the KNS
  44. KRRM-77 Implement "Remove/Replace Principal" functionality
  45. KRRM-61 Convert the KSB User Interfaces to use the KNS
  46. KRRM-15 Remaining improvements to handling and consistency of dates and timestamps
  47. KRRM-68 Implement proper handling of FERPA and FIPPA regulations
  48. KRRM-19 Navigational Improvements in the KNS
  49. KRRM-23 Implement a user interface for making changes to various aspects of the Data Dictionary
  50. KRRM-94 Expand KIM functionality to incorporate full Identity and Access Management capabilities
  51. KRRM-86 Investigate whether the "embedded" workflow engine model should be changed to not require direct database access from client applications
  52. KRRM-21 Finish up remaining conversion of KEW screens to use the KNS framework
  53. KRRM-88 Improve configuration of the KNS and Rice
  54. KRRM-76 Rewrite eDocLite to use the KNS
  55. KRRM-32 Mobile Application Support
  56. KRRM-4 Replace KSB with alternative ESB
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