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Kuali Rice is currently is active development mode and providing maintenance/patch releases. Below are some links to relevant information on where we are at with sustainability efforts.

Rice Roadmap

The latest Kuali Rice Roadmap outlines the core features for Rice 2.3 which was larger than expected and now spans Rice 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5. 

Active Development

See the Rice wiki home page for information on the latest development efforts.

Maintenance/Patch Releases

The Rice Bug Fix Policy (aka Patch Policy) outlines how we support existing releases for Kuali projects.


Collaboration is how we as a Rice community work together on Rice.

Contributions are code, documentation, tests, analysis, etc that can be contributed back to the Rice team to support or augment the efforts of the team. See the Kuali Sharing page for more info on how Rice is working with contributions.

The Rice project is now stored as a public repository on Git in the following location   Contributions can be pushed directly to the repository and they will be reviewed by the project team before they are merged into the code base.   


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