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 This is a space to organize the work on the initial Rice roadmap.

Project timeline and milestones


  • August 26th - Roadmap output defined
  • September 9th - Roadmap tools and organization defined
  • September 23rd - Existing roadmap content organized
  • September 29th - F2F Meeting
  • October 5th - November 4th - Refinement, Voting, Prioritization, Effort Estimation, Elaboration, etc.
  • November 9th - Draft roadmap complete
  • November 15th - Presentation finalized, presentation walk through
  • November 16th 2009 - Kuali Days VII Boards Presentation of Roadmap

Project Team

The project team includes everyone in the ARC + several members of the TRC (Garey, Jeremy, Travis?, Leo, and Scott)

Introduction, Vision, and Background Team

  • Chris
  • Bill
  • (question)

Release Cycles Team

  • Eric
  • (question)

Roadmap Process Team

  • Chris
  • (question)

Themes and Priorities Team

  • All of ARC (question)

Release Plans Team

  • (question)

Project Scope

  1. The Kuali Rice (KR) release cycle and how it relates to Kuali Application releases
  2. How to organize the Rice roadmap
  3. The actual content of the rice roadmap (release numbers, schedule, functionality, technology, etc.)
  4. Roadmap sustainability

1. The Kuali Rice (KR) release cycle

The roadmap and the release cycle are inter-dependent. In order to plan how functionality and technology are evolved in Rice, we need to understand what the release cycle will look like, and how it will relate to the releases of Kuali Applications (KFS, KS, KC, etc.).

Elements to work out (some of these may already be defined or being worked on elsewhere. If so, this is an inventory of things we need to link to and better understand):

  1. Versioning Scheme
  2. Expected lifespan of major and minor releases and how these are used by application projects
  3. Release cycle strategy: ideal calendar timing for releases, release pattern (ex. APIs & Documentation 12 months ahead of application releases, 6 months ahead of production release, 3 months ahead of first beta, etc.)
  4. Articulate alignment with Kuali Apps

2. Roadmap Organization and Tools

  1. What information does the roadmap need to contain?
  2. What will the roadmap look like when we're done? See the Roadmap Presentation Discussion.
  3. What tools will we use to build, manage, and maintain the roadmap? (MS Word, Excel, Jira, Confluence, combinations of these)
  4. What kind of organizational structure will best support the goals of the roadmap to foster a highly transparent, predictable, and understandable past, present, and future of Rice capabilities? For example roadmap information might be organized into the various drivers of new functionality such as:

    (select image to see full size)

3. Roadmap Content

Need to identify sources for roadmap content and link them here. We will not want to use this space to develop the roadmap, just to aggregate links to current sources of potential roadmap content.  

Roadmap Content

4. Roadmap Sustainability

It is as important to build a community capacity to maintain a high quality roadmap for Rice as it is to develop the initial roadmap. This is a placeholder to consider the community people, processes, and technology that will create that community capacity.