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The Rice Project strives for a simple and quick contribution process.  However, there are some specific requirements we need to enforce.

Security Issues:

Please report all security issues to  Do not contribute security issues via the public pull requests.


Contribution Requirements

Contributor License Agreement

Every contributor must have a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) on file with Kuali. 

Steps for submitting the CLA:

Contribution Flow

Fork - Code - Pull Request

These steps are done by you:

  • Fork the Kuali Rice repository at Github
  • Create a pull request with the changes to be contributed.
    • Create a separate pull request for each feature.
    • Squash pull request into one commit.
  • Monitor the comments of the pull request.  Discuss, fix, and update pull request as needed.

Pull Request Review

These steps are done by the Kuali Rice developer team:

  • Check if CLA is on file.  Without this the contribution cannot be considered to any extend. 
  • Creation of a KULRICE ticket to track the contribution.
  • The contribution is reviewed by the developers for:
    • code style and formatting
    • code correctness
    • applicability of the contribution
  • An automated build will be run against the pull request to verify that the project builds and all unit test passes.
  • Integration and functional test will be run and must pass.  It is up to the discretion of the Kuali Rice developer team whether these tests are run before or after the pull request is merged.

You are encouraged to contact the Kuali Rice development team at any time via the collaboration mailing list ( for questions including if the Kuali Rice project is interested in the contribution. It is actually preferred that an initial contact has been made and a KULRICE ticket is issued and included in the commit description and pull request.

Additional Information


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