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Meeting Notes

Requirements and Gaps

Decision Tracker/Discussion

AgendaTree is being removed

Caching Annotation on Service Interface vs Implementation

2012-06-05 Updates from KRMS-KS contract implementation sync-up Meeting

  • getAgendaItemsByType will be removed as there is no Type for AgendaItem
  • Attributes will be removed from krms_nl_usage_t as it has no type (KRMS design has attributes associated with a type). It was put in there for potential future use, so no known issue as far as KS needs are concerned.
  • Changes to table krms_ref_obj_krms_obj_t for better readability: krms_obj_typ_id -> krms_dscr_typ and dscr_typ -> ref_dscr_typ
    • => getReferenceObjectBindingsByKrmsObjectId to getReferenceObjectBindingsByKrmsDscrTyp and add getReferenceObjectBindingsByRefDscrTyp


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