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(tick) = Complete
(warning) = In Progress
(question) = Uncertain
(error) = Issue



Security scanN/AN/AN/A 

Licensing review: headers and acknowledgements

(tick) (no updates necessary)

(tick) (no updates necessary)

(tick) (no updates necessary)Just changed a patch versions on commons-collections, should have no effect on licensing (Note, if it had, due to KULRICE-14241 would need to run mvn clean install -Plicense -N locally)
Schema SpyN/AN/AN/Ano db changes

Automated Functional Tests

N/AN/A(tick) (rice, rice-regression, krad, krad-regression)some aft fail at random which is a known problem but not a problem to the core code

Develop new unit and functional tests

N/AN/AN/Ano additional test needed

Unit tests passing

(tick) (job)(tick) (job)(tick) (job) 
Integration tests passing (includes version compatibility checks at '')

(tick) (mysql, oracle)

failed tests passed locally using mysql

(tick) (mysql, oracle)

failed tests passed locally using mysql

(tick) (mysql, oracle)It seems that StyleXmlExporterTest.testExport always fails in CI in 2.1 and 2.3 (but not 2.5), it's not worth investigating why at this point. It passes locally on those older versions.

Ensure test data is up to date

N/AN/AN/Ano db changes

Assemble and test database upgrade scripts

N/AN/AN/Ano db changes

Ensure the version number in the pom is correct

(remove RCx/Mx, change Mx to RCx, add Mx/RCx, etc)


Licensing check


Author release notes

"Push the button"(tick)(tick)(tick)

DevOps runs the following jobs:

  • rice-x.x-release
  • rice-x.x-release-oss
  • rice-x.x-release-sitedeploy
Close the release(tick)(tick)(tick) 
Update website(tick)(tick)(tick)Eric W - I still had perms to update the download page on so I went ahead and made the changes
Update Kuali Rice Release Documentation(tick)(tick)(tick) 
Send email notification to xxx, 2015


Deployment ("Push the button") verification:
Deployed to Maven Central(warning) (link)(warning) (link)(warning) (link)
Deployed to Kuali's Nexus(warning) (link)(warning) (link)(warning) (link)
Documentation(warning) (link)(warning) (link)(warning) (link)
Binary downloads(warning) (link)(warning) (link)(warning) (link)


Deploy 2.5.4 to (warning)

Deploy 2.5.4 to (warning)


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