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Gliffy Zoom Zoom Rice 2.1 Timeline


Rice 2.1 is the post-2.0 maintenance release.

View Rice 2.1 - Design and Analysis for detailed requirements information.

Small Features per Milestone

Milestone 1 - Feb. 6 - Mar. 6, 2012 - COMPLETE

Milestone 2 - Mar. 6 - Apr. 9, 2012 - COMPLETE

Milestone 3 - Apr. 10 - Apr. 30, 2012 - COMPLETE

Removed from Scope for 2.1

  1. KULRICE-5712: Add status messages on actions that manipulate the agenda tree (42h)
  2. KULRICE-5947: Validation for DD attributes in KrmsTypeServiceBase (24h)
  3. KULRICE-5382: document type label is not required on the document type document, but it's the only thing displayed many places and the kns blows up if it's not specified (8h)
  4. KULRICE-3307: Prevent workflow from attempting to activate requests for null principals (4h)
  5. KULRICE-6455: Tab order broken on some A/R eDocs following Rice 1.0.3 (4h)
  1. KULRICE-6322: Add Caching to KRMS (16h)
  2. KULRICE-5949: Make type optional for PeopleFlow (6h)
  3. KULRICE-5931: Recall from Routing Enhancement for KEW (50h)
  4. CONTRIB-34 / KULRICE-6896: Add ability to take super user action on docs without going to super user search (aka KFMI-4594, EN-2308) - work to be contributed by IU Rice team if they can fit it in.  Note: KULRICE-5932 is a KCFE item that is covered by this contribution. (3h)
  5. KULRICE-6728: Add Support for "exists" op in KRMS props (40h)
  1. KULRICE-4896: Enable Maintenance Document Framework to allow associating multiple attachments to a Maintainable BO (80h)
  2. KULRICE-7056: Notification Option for SuperUser Actions
  3. KULRICE-7057: Option to disallow superuser actions at a given route node
  4. KULRICE-5696: Display appropriate icon based on attachment type for Persistable Attachments in Maintenance Documents
  5. Documentation Review
  6. Version Compatibility testing
  1. KULRICE-5409: KRMS Enumerations (160h)
  2. KULRICE-5726: Add support for delegates on roles in PeopleFlows as well as using roles as delegates (60h)
  3. KULRICE-1157: Inactivating a Kuali User should remove active delegations & org reviews (80h)





Ongoing Milestone Items

Milestone work will last ~4 weeks with ~3 weeks development and 1 week testing/documentation

  • Performance Testing
  • Version Compatibility testing
  • Documentation updates
  • Bug Fixes

Final Testing Period - Apr. 30 - May 31, 2012

Release - May 31, 2012