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The content of this guide has been migrated and updated on the new guide here: Kuali Rice 2.0 Upgrade Notes - Indiana University . This page is outdated and needs removed.

Impacting Changes




  1. Notes
    1. Not directly on the BO anymore, use NoteService and getByRemoteObjectId
      1. Is there a way to set these notes?
  1. BusinessObjectService
    1. find* now take class, Map<String, ?> instead of class, Map<String, Object>
    2. Make sure the class extends BusinessObject !!!
  2. UserSession has to be retrieved through KRADUtils.getUserSessionFromRequest?



KSB Architecture

General Notes by Type

  • KIM
    • DerivedRoleType Service
      • ServiceBase moved from KIM to KNS (//TODO: Verify this is actually what happened..)
      • RoleMembership changed to RoleMembershipInfo
        • RoleMemberShipInfo's now take AttributeSet (for role qualifier) (//TODO: verify)
  • Configuration
    • Spring
      • Module Configurers
        • ricedatasource bean class moved into the framework package
      • Service Expositions
        • application specific moduleservices moved from kns to krad packages
        • KSBServiceExporter changed packages
          • serviceEndPoint param renamed to endpointUrl
    • XMl configuration
      • Initialization
        • config bean needs to have an initialize parameter set (true) in order to load outside/additional configLocations
      • app-config.xml
        • added
        • module.mode need to set their runmode here (LOCAL,EMBEDDED,REMOTE,etc..)
        • rice.ksb.registry.serviceUrl added, should specify standalone instrance service registry
        • This is because services are NOT handled directly in the db from the client app anymore
      • ojb repository
        • field conversion classes moved from kns.util to core.framework.persistence.ojb.conversion
    • web.xml
      • //TODO: double check all of this, it's sketchy
        • module specific web.xml's removed
        • dwr-module.xml's added
        • krad-servlet.xml added

Miscellaneous Notes

Data Provisioning Upgrade Notes (NOT Categorized)(Most likely redundant from above information)

toStringMapper went final? No need to override this on a BO by BO basis anymore?

Some kim entities went from xInfo to xContract and some went to x_.
GroupInfo -> Group
RoleMembershipInfo -> RoleMembership
What is a 'GroupContract' then??
Not directly on the BO anymore, use NoteService and getByRemoteObjectId
Is there a way to set these notes?

find* now take class, Map<String, ?> instead of class, Map<String, Object>
Make sure the class extends BusinessObject !!!
AttributeSet removed?
using Map<String, String>
Not removed, changed to: __
KeyLabelPair removed?
using list of KeyValue with ConcreteKeyValue entries (WHY NOT KeyValue and KeyValueEntry ?? or a map??)
BusinessObjectService moved to KRADServiceLocator
KimRoleTypeService -> ?

api vs impl vs framework vs web service locators? (in docs)
KewService vs KRADSer... (case inconsistencies)
IdentityService vs PersonService ??

UserSession has to be retrieved through KRADUtils.getUserSessionFromRequest???

KRAD Document vs KEW Document

GlobalVaraibles.getMessageMap turned into AutoPopulatingList ??

KimAttributes -> KimConstants.xx (.PrimaryKeyConstants)
KimDerivedRoleTypeServiceBase -> DerivedRoleTypeServiceBase
now in kns
marked deprecated, shouldn't be
isn't fully finished!!

run mode spring prop (on configurer) moved to config parameter
configurers broken down further, ie CORE, ...

  • -> (used in app spring beans)
  • org.kuali.rice.kns.util.OjbCharBooleanConversion -> org.kuali.rice.core.framework.persistence.ojb.conversion.OjbCharBooleanConversion (used in app ojb repos)
  • -> (used in app ojb repo)
  • kns.service.impl.ModuleServiceBase -> krad.service.impl.ModuleServiceBase (used in app spring beans)
  • org.kuali.rice.ksb.message.KSBExporter -> (app spring beans)
  • org.kuali.rice.ksb.messaging.JavaServiceDefinition -> (app spring beans)
  • serviceEndpoint -> endpointUrl (app spring bean service exports)
  • KSBConfigurer (client apps) should be in REMOTE mode, need to provide url to standalone instance registry.
    • provide rice.ksb.registry.serviceUrl for serviceRegistry endpoint of standalone as config param
    • documentation says service is serviceRegistrySOAP but it's NOT, its the above
  • spring files in dd are all in the same context now
    • do NOT override context control (checkbox control) in app spring files
  • formatters moved from kns to core.web.format package
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