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Collab Portal

It’s here, check it, contribute, let others know!

Communications Channels and Meetings

Email List Yes, another email list.  The email list is being created for the Rice team to communicate to our (much valued) beta groups as well as being setup as a forum for open communication between all involved, please don’t hesitate to use it.


Yup, another one of these too.  We’ll setup a meeting every other week where the Rice team can give their updates on progress, etc. to the group as well as exchange information with you.  The first one is set for August 1 for the pre-beta testers that have started testing milestone releases already.

Release Schedule


The schedule for the remaining Rice 2.0 Milestones is located here.  As with the Patch/Fix/Update Release (see below) we’ll contact this group letting you know it’s available.

Patch/Fix/Update Releases

We plan on release patch/fix updates between milestones at a yet to be determined time.  A notice will be sent out to the email list noted above after each release is available.


Each team will have an assigned Liaison that they can utilize more directly once the real Beta starts (see Rice 2.0 Schedule).

Beta Group


Developer Liaison

Boston University

Mohammed Kousheh

Emerson David

Indiana University

Eric WestfallShannon HessGreg PattersonJames Bennett

Eric Westfall

Kuali Coeus

Jim Thomas

Peter Giles

Kuali Financial System

Patty Mescher, Jonathan Keller

Jerry Neal

Kuali Student

Rajiv Kaushik

Scott Gibson


Sean Warren

Claus Niesen

San Joaquin Delta College

David Elyea

David Elyea

University of California - Merced

John Purnell

Jeremy Hanson

University of California - San Diego, XO Framework

Christopher De Rosa

Dan Seibert

University of Washington

Gary Prohaska

James Renfro

West Virginia University

Mike BrintBrandon FosterDavid DufallaJoshua Hoffman

Erik Meade


Before you submit a JIRA, please search to ensure there issue has not already been reported.  When submitting a JIRA please provide as much information as possible.  To ensure that your issue gets the priority it needs, please be sure to specify the...

  • RICE MODULE - the appropriate module will ensure that we get the correct folks looking at the issue sooner than later.
  • AFFECTS Version/s - 2.0 Milestone Versions are noted as 2.0.0-mX with X being the version number.
  • ASSIGNEE - I’ll be disseminating these to the appropriate group for the beta and pre-beta testing, so please assign them to Matt Sargent
  • WATCHER - after you’ve created the JIRA, please add your Rice Team Liaison as a watcher on the JIRA

While we understand these extra steps will add a few steps to the creation of the JIRA, it will aid us in getting the issue to the correct folks.  Thanks!

Submitting Fixes

Trusted Developers who already have access to commit code are free to commit their code fixes back to the base, just be sure to submit a JIRA beforehand (you’ll need to note the JIRA when you submit the fix anyhow, right?) using the extra steps above.

If you’re not on the trusted developers list, please submit a JIRA and attach the patch to the JIRA.  We’ll work with you and your liaison to get the patch contributed.

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