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(tick) = Complete
(warning) = In Progress
(question) = Uncertain
(error) = Issue


Security scanN/A 

Load/Performance testing

N/Anot applicable to rice-1.x

Licensing review: headers and acknowledgements

N/Anot applicable to patch release

Run coverage analysis

N/Anot applicable to patch release

Test standalone server/client app configuration

N/Anot applicable to patch release

Browser Testing

(tick)manual test with Chrome 41, FF 37 and IE 11
Schema SpyN/Ano database changes

Run manual regression tests

N/Anot applicable to rice-1.x

Automated Functional Tests

N/Anot applicable to rice-1.x

Coordinated developer testing

N/Anot applicable to patch release

Develop new unit and functional tests

N/Anone needed

Unit tests passing

Integration tests passing(tick) 

Ensure test data is up to date


Assemble and test database upgrade scripts

N/Ano database changes
Test Project Generation ScriptN/Anot applicable to rice-1.x

Version compatibility check

N/Anot applicable to rice-1.x
Snapshots releasingN/A 

Ensure the version number in the pom is correct

(remove RCx/Mx, change Mx to RCx, add Mx/RCx, etc)


Licensing check


Author release notes

Close the release(tick) 


Releasing 1.0.7 was kind of a pain since none of the release jobs were setup and devops wasn't available.  The following are the steps we performed:

  • ran rice-1.0-release (kuali-common 1.7.6)
  • ran rice-1.0-release-sitedeploy (kuali-common 4.3.9)
  • ran rice-1.0-release-oss (kuali-common 4.3.9)
  • ran rice-1.0-release-package-only (kuali-common 4.3.9)
    • used binaries from this build to manually update downloads on
      • rice-standalone:
        • rebundled rice-dist-1.0.6-server into rice-dist-1.0.7-server
        • replaced war file
        • created zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2
      • rice-bin:
        • rebundled rice-dist-1.0.6-bin into rice-dist-1.0.7-bin
        • replaced rice-api, rice-impl, rice sampleapp jars in lib folder
        • created zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2
      • rice-src
        • downloaded zip and tar.gz from GitHub
        • created tar.bz2 from tar.gz
  • Uploaded files into S3 bucket

Note: The rice tag was made with the kuali-common version 1.7.6 dependency.  This dependency uses Maven 2.  To run some of the job we switched to kuali-common version 4.3.9 which uses Maven 3.  As a result the source code in GitHub and downloadable distribution as well as the Kuali Nexus server have the 1.7.6 kuali-common dependency.  While Maven Central and Sonatype OSSRH have the 4.3.9 kuali-common dependency.  The kuali-common dependency is used for releases and should not have any affect on Rice itself.  If there are issues with the build changing the kuali-common version might help.

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