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QA Activities By Release Cycle


Milestone Release (internal)

Patch Release (e.g., 2.4.2)

Minor/Major Release (e.g., 2.5, 3.0)

  • security scan
  • snapshots releasing
  • unit tests passing

  • run manual regression tests

  • load testing: comparative, concurrence 

  • load/performance testing: profiling, capacity testing

  •  update IntelliJ files with new version
    Several IntelliJ files contain the version number.  If they are not updated then KRAD will fail (kboot theme).  A simple find replace does the trick.

  • all milestone release tasks

  • integration tests passing

  • automated functional tests passing

  • author release notes

  • licensing check

  • version compatibility check

  • pom version check (no -m#-, -rc#-)

  • Update release documentation page 
  • develop new unit and functional tests

  •  ensure test data is up to date
  • send release announcement

  • all milestone and patch release tasks

  • licensing review: headers and acknowledgements

  • update user documentation

  • run coverage analysis

  • assemble and test database upgrade scripts

  • test project generation script (rice-archetype-quickstart)

  • test standalone server/client app configuration

  • coordinated developer testing (as needed)


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