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I = Internal (Milestone), P = Patch, M = Minor/Major



DevBAStep by Step Process
Security scanI/P/M  Must be run prior to release. Results here: (allow 24h for scan to run)

Load/Performance testing


  Continuously run in CI.

Licensing review: headers and acknowledgements

M  Continuously run in CI.

Run coverage analysis

M  (details to be added)

Test standalone server/client app configuration

M  (details to be added)

Browser Testing


  This is done in Saucelabs. (details to be added)
Schema Spy


  Manually run by QA when there have been major DB changes.

Run manual regression tests

I/P/M  This is being phased out as we continue to expand our automated test suite.  We do still perform some manual testing as a "sanity check."
Manual Test Scripts: Manual Test Cases - B/A Work In Progress and Manual Testing.

Automated Functional Tests

P/MP/M Continuously run in CI.

Coordinated developer testing


M For major releases, developers work together 1-2 hours to manually test areas of particular concern. This is typically coordinated over Skype or Google Hangout.

Develop new unit and functional tests

I/P/MI/P/M This happens throughout the development process.

Unit tests passing

 I/P/M Continuously run in CI.
Integration tests passing I/P/M Continuously run in CI.

Ensure test data is up to date


I/P/M Done automatically through the database process.

Assemble and test database upgrade scripts

 M Follow the instructions in Database tasks for a Rice release.
Test Project Generation Script M  

Version compatibility check

 P/M Make sure version compatibility IT tests are passing. (IT tests in

Ensure the version number in the pom is correct

(remove RCx/Mx, change Mx to RCx, add Mx/RCx, etc)

 P/M Use maven release:update-versions job on
Include new version number in development version parameter.

Licensing check




Manually run. Job must pass.
Documentation about updating licenses:

Author release notes




Release Notes Manual Creation Process
"Push the button"   

DevOps runs the following jobs:

  • rice-x.x-release
  • rice-x.x-release-oss
  • rice-x.x-release-sitedeploy
Close the release  P/MClosing a release
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