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KRAD - Collaboration Opportunities - Overview

  • KRAD Developer-User Group meetings:
    • Every other Monday at 2 pm EST (led by Jerry Neal, Rice 2.2 KRAD development manager).  This is a great opportunity to learn and ask questions related to developing applications with KRAD.  If interested, join through KIS (KRAD User Group mailing list page).
    • Every other Friday at 3 pm EST (led by Candace Soderston, Rice 2.2 KRAD BA & UX specialist).  This is a great opportunity to provide user input and feedback, to influence where we are heading in the design of the user interface framework. See details below.

"Feedback Fridays"

We're hosting KRAD "Feedback Friday" sessions every other week this spring, as we work on the next version of Kuali Rice's Rapid Application Development framework. (ON HOLD TILL AT LEAST AFTER RICE 2.2 MILESTONE 1 - STAY TUNED!)

Each session will be a different topic, focused on one of the Rice 2.2 KRAD requirements.    Mark the time on your calendars!  A note will go out to the collab list early in the week of these sessions, with the topic and how to join for that week.  (Note that on the alternate weeks, we're reviewing topics with the KAI, so with these two, there is a weekly opportunity to provide input/feedback, through your KAI representative.)

Who should participate: 

  • User interface designers, business analysts, application developers, technical writers, and user training & support staff
  • Those working with KRAD 2.0 or who have plans or a high level of interest in using KRAD in the future

The topic will differ for each session and be broadcast in advance during that week.  Come and provide your feedback and input on the topic of the week, on concepts shown and plans in progress.

See more details below.


Meetings are scheduled on a biweekly basis - every other Friday at 3 p.m. EST.

Dial In Instructions:

Call-in Details:
Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 632-0550
Participant Access Code: 985378#
(to mute and unmute your line, use *6)

Adobe Connect Screen Share:
Kuali Screen 3 (login as guest)



Notes / Minutes


(Reconsidering with time constraints & every-other week review of these at the KAI - ways to engage collab community through those, without adding these additional times in the week - stay tuned!)


Validation Message Framework

  • Talked through slide deck and asked for feedback, in particular on the following (feedback welcomed at any time!): 
    • Scenarios where your application returns all 3 levels of server-side validation messages -- multiple error, warning, and informational messages, associated with a single field or control?
    • Scenarios where your application returns messages that are not affiliated with a particular field or control (“global” – at the page or section level)?
  • 9 lines called into the session (3 from across the community, 7 from the Rice team): Warren Liang (UCI), Todd Hughes (ISU, KC), Weiwen Sung (ISU), Eric Westfall, Matt Sargent, Tom Clark, Brian Smith, Jerry Neal, Candace Soderston.  (Multiple people were gathered together in a room, with a single call-in line, in some cases.  For example, there were 8 people on one of the ISU calls.)


Help Framework

  • Participants expressed interest in how to manage and keep the tooltip content up-to-date.
  • Input offered on potential intersect with a Kuali content management system incubation project.
  • 10 people attended (7 from across the community, 3 from the Rice team):  Steve Jackson (Cornell KFS), Chuck Aikman (IU-KITS-KMS), Nora Roggeveen-Sams (Kuali OLE), Henry Anthonis (U of Georgia), Kymber Horn (U of A), David Elyea (San Joaquin Delta College), Hyunju Lee (UW My Plan), Erik Meade (Kuali Rice dev), Claus Niesen (ISU, Rice dev), Candace Soderston (UW, Rice BA/UX)
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