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Date and Time: May 10, 3-4 pm Eastern Time
Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 844-0850
Participant Access Code: 429965#
Facilitator: Eric Westfall


  1. Roll-call - Eric Westfall
  2. Follow-up on Past Action Items
    • April 12, 2010 - Collaboration Meeting
      1. Eric - share what we are doing at IU to load internal rice configuration from the classpath
      2. Garey - share any information on issues they are having getting Rice to work in JBoss
        • Garey - have a JBoss consultant in this week who's tasked with getting our UMD code to work on Jboss. Hoping to give him one of our Rice wars and maybe KC and see what they can figure out.
      3. All - let Eric know if you are interested in collaborating on customizable split node configuration
      4. All - let Eric know if you are interested in participating in or leading an group to discuss strategies for federated identity and Kuali apps/KIM
      5. Eric - send a link to JA-SIG presentation on KIM
  3. Kuali Rice Implementation updates that anyone would like to share?
    1. Indiana University live on Kuali Rice - Eric Westfall
    2. LDAP and other work at University of Washington - Tony Potts
    3. Others?
  4. Meeting on Federated Identity
  5. Additional agenda items?
  6. Future meetings topics?



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Action Items

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