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Building project for deployment

Profile Options

monitoringEnabled Java Melody Monitoring in application

Configuration Options

maven.javadoc.skipIgnores generation of javadocs with build



Running kuali-deploy project in jenkins/maven

Configuration Options

KeyDescriptionSample values
deploy.envEnvironment id of server which will host application (i.e env<deploy.env>,,2,3
db.vendorDatabase vendor used to host application datasourceoracle, mysql
monitoring.enabledControls whether app dynamics is used for monitoring of applicationtrue,false

How does kuali-deploy plugin work?

Configuring properties and config.xml  (TODO)

Configuring your project's PropertySourceConfig 

Testing (TODO)

Configuring for different run modes (embedded, remote, etc..) (TODO)

Configuring specific environments (TODO)

Setting up a new project for use with kuali-deploy plugin

This assumes you are adding a new project (like kfs, coeus, etc..) outside the group id of rice (and doesn't exist already)


Check that your project's is listed in the kdo-build-environment project (TODO: detail setting up new project for build environment)

Setup a base environment for your project using kdo-build-environment

Review the base configurations for your bundled/standalone mode project

Project base setup (see script for example setup)

Add your folder based on your group id to the kuali-deploy resources directory (i.e. for rice, src/main/resource/org/kuali/common/kuali-deploy/rice)

Add a and file to the kuali-deploy resource directory

Add your project directory based on your group id to the resources directory (i.e. for rice, src/main/resource/org/kuali/rice)

Add a project config directory (i.e. for rice, src/main/resource/org/kuali/rice/config)

Webapp base setup

Based on your add a config.xml to the project configuration directory (for rice-sampleapp, src/main/resource/org/kuali/rice/config/rice-sampleapp-config.xml) 

Based on your add a webapp properties file to the kuali-deploy resource directory (for rice-sampleapp, src/main/resource/org/kuali/common/kuali-deploy/rice/ 

Configure the commons and base webapp config and properties (TODO)

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