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The Kuali Technical Integration group has been decommissioned as part of the transition to "Kuali 2.0". Thanks to everyone who contributed to this group over the years. These pages are archived here for historical purposes.



Date and Time: Every Wednesday, 12:00-1:00pm ET / 11:00-12:00pm CT / 9:00-10:00am PT
Location: Fuze
Meeting Number: 22444167

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To join from a phone:
Toll: +12014794595


Mailing List:

To Create the Week's Agenda:

  1. Click on the appropriate child page based on year (i.e. "2013 - KTI").
  2. Click "Add -> Page".
  3. Choose "Select a page template to start from."
  4. Select the "KTI Agenda" template.
  5. Title the Page "Kuali Technical Integration - <Date>", fill in any additional details as needed.
    • Example Title: "Kuali Technical Integration - August 1, 2012"

Roles and Responsibilities

The KTI is intended to act as a change management group for the Kuali Rice project, as well as a forum for discussing and sharing design work for Kuali Rice (or other project application) functionality. This area of responsibility encompases a few different things:

  1. Reviewing enhancement requests for Kuali Rice features.
  2. Reviewing potentially impacting architectural or technical changes to Kuali Rice.
  3. Discussing technical issues in Kuali Rice or related products and brainstorming solutions for these issues.
  4. Discussing changes to library dependencies in Kuali Rice.
  5. Discussing version changes to libraries or 3rd-party dependencies.
  6. Discussion new libraries or 3rd-party dependencies that Rice or the other Kuali applications are planning to integrate.
  7. Reviewing API changes to Kuali Rice to ensure that version compatibility is not compromised, as detailed in the document below:
  8. Review impacting database changes to Kuali Rice.

Obviously, not every single change which is made to the Kuali Rice project can be reviewed by this group, but the team should use their best judgement to decide when something needs to be discussed with this group.

Policies and Procedures

  1. If a jira needs to be reviewed by this group, it should be flagged with the KTI Review Status of "Pending Review". Once it has been reviewed, this should be switched to "Review Completed".
  2. If an API change needs to be made to Rice, it should be reviewed by this group as detailed at the bottom of the following document:
  3. Library version changes and additions to Rice should be reviewed here.
  4. The group may decide whether or not a decision should be voted on. If voting takes place, the process will be as follows:
    • After the meeting, a designated member of the group will be responsible for sending an email to describing the item being voted on and requesting a vote.
    • Members will have until the next KTI meeting to vote (unless it is necessary for the vote to conclude sooner).
    • Members will vote by responding to the email with a +1, -1, or +0
      • +1 is a vote in favor of the item
      • -1 is a vote against the item or a request for more discussion or information about the item, must be accompanied with an explanation
      • +0 is a decision to abstain from voting for this particular item and represents the voter's indifference on the item
    • During the next meeting votes are tallied and the official decision is recorded and appropriate items are communicated to the TRC.
  5. The TRC chair should attend this meeting and report decisions made here up to the TRC.


Membership consists of representatives from the Kuali Rice project partners as well as institutional partners.




Bryan Hutchinson
James Smith
Kevin Kronenbitter


Gayathri Athreya
Chris Denne


Larry Symms


Jeremy Hanson
Ying Zhou


Peri Subrahmanya


Eric Westfall
Jerry Neal
Peter Giles
Erik Meade


Jeff Caddel


David Elyea


James Bennett


Jeremy Hanson

Claus Niesen


Will Gomes


Peter Giles


Chad Hagstrom

UC Davis

Rick Hendricks
Mary Northup

WUSTJames Johnson

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