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This week's agenda:

  1. Google Guava (Google Collection APIs), should we use it?
    1. already included as a transitive dep
    2. a better version of commons collections (ie uses generics, fluent builders)
    3. will be able to remove some of the custom collection types we have in rice
      1. MaxSizeMap, MaxAgeSoftReference - replace with
    4. created/maintained by Google
    5. see
  2. Maintain released wsdl files in Nexus or other locations for Rice - see KULRICE-4660 for more context.
    1. Options for maintaining wsdl files for releases:
      1. Commit to a specific SVN repository or specific subdirectory in the rice SVN repository.
      2. Deploy them as artifacts in Nexus
      3. Publish them to an external location (e.g. a bucket in S3)
  3. Removing IdentityManagementService and RoleManagementService


Pending KTI Review

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