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This week's agenda:

  1. Brian from KFS - browser capability with IE9 and needing to run in compatibility mode for some functions, Rice or some other way to address?



Bryan: In KFS we've seen some pages/documents in IE9 that are forced to use compatibility mode to have it look like IE8 to work. In some cases the page keeps scrolling and KC reported something similar. It could be a javascript issue or something else and maybe there's a way to address globally? Is it a browser issue?

Jerry: My guess in this is that the KNS scripted items were developed and tested against IE8, it's likely that we've not addressed this with the KRAD development. But it seems that we should fix the critical issues for sure (scrolling, etc.), but need to be careful and see how much we do. We should get these recorded and see how we can fix in Rice.

Bryan: So go ahead and report Rice JIRAs? (tick) KULRICE-7765

Jerry: yes, it seems like that might be related to portal resize and KNS but we should have a record of this and go from there.