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Date and Time: Every Wednesday, 12:00-1:00pm ET / 11:00-12:00pm CT / 9:00-10:00am PT

  • Video Bridge 220488, Dial 812-856-7060 to connect via phone (conference number 220488#, See PolyCom Directory for connection info)
  • Xmeeting(Mac) :
  • Ekiga(Linux) :

Mailing List:


  1. Roll Call
  2. Adding Bootstrap v2.2.2 to KRAD in the 2.3 release - Gayathri
  3. KULRICE-8610 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error - Peter
  4. Recurring items:
    1. JDK7 testing updates - JIRAs
      1. KULRICE-7865 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error JDK7 version of predic8 released today (Thanks, Peter!).


  • Eric Westfall
  • Gayathri
  • Barret
  • Erik Meade
  • Shannon Hess
  • Peter Giles
  • Jerry Neal
  • Claus Niesen
  • Will Gomes
  • Jeremy Hanson
  • Bryan Hutchinson
  • Larry Symms
  • Chad Hagstrom
  • Jeff Caddel
  • David Elyea


Adding Bootstrap v2.2.2 to KRAD in the 2.3 release - Gayathri

  • UX recommends adding Bootstrap (javascript UI library) to help enable some of the UI designs KC are doing
  • Jerry - get lots of questions about whether or not we have bootstrap in KRAD
    • very popular within the community
    • we are currently doing this right now with the Fluid library
    • it's not going to force everyone to use Bootstrap
    • as we start looking at common look and feel, need to decide if we want to base it off bootstrap
  • Bootstrap - a default set of CSS, similar to Fluid (FSS)
    • working on an analysis task to compare bootstrap and fluid
    • also has a set of different widgets, some are things that we actually need
    • some are widgets we already have, compare to what we are doing now with jquery to determine which direction we need to go with each
  • Jerry - two different ways we can go with it
    • right now on the path of two different look and feels, but looking at how we can consolidate it
  • Eric - what does it mean to "add" bootstrap to KRAD
    • Jerry - bootstrap is just js and css, so people could use it regardless
    • but I think we want to embrace it a little bit more and use it to build our out of the box look and feel
    • right now our laf is homegrown css/html
  • Eric - what about KS?
    • Jerry - we need to connect up on this with them, they are using Fluid
  • Jerry - we can decide how much of bootstrap and how much of fluid we use
    • can cherrypick from either
    • community around bootstrap is growing quickly
  • Gayathri - do i need to create a jira?
  • Action Items: Jerry will have Tom connect to Kuali Student UX to see how/if bootstrap might be used globally

KULRICE-8610 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error - Peter

  • Peter - basically, this came from a requirement that Kuali Coeus had to have finer control over what happens during a recall from routing check
  • We looked at this and what we came up with was an additional plugin that you can put on a document type that allows you to put a custom authorizer into play on your document type
  • DocumentTypeAuthorizer is the new plug point to allow for customization of authorization for actions taken against a document

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