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  • Shared CI service forming the backbone of an automated, continuous delivery pipeline for Kuali software
  • Highly focused on the removal of manual configuration, process, and steps in order to get Kuali applications, built, deployed, and running


  • Long term, stable, service running on the LTS version of Jenkins (currently 1.532.3)
  • Automated process in place to enable keeping it upgraded to the latest Jenkins LTS release
  • Long term stable version of Ubuntu (currently 12.04)
  • Automated process to upgrade a stock Ubuntu 12.04 baseline AMI into a fully configured and operational Jenkins instance
  • Automated process to easily spin up Jenkins instances in any Amazon region (Virginia, Portland, Northern California)
  • All plugins pinned to a specific version known to be compatible with the LTS version of Jenkins


  • Runs on Amazon c3.xlarge instances
    • 350% more CPU (14 ECU's vs 4 ECU's)
    • Double the number of CPU cores (4 instead of 2)
  • SSD - All CI activity occurs on solid state drives
    • two 40gb drives configured as a single 80gb RAID 0 partition
    • roughly twice as fast as a single SSD
    • 4x-5x faster than a standard EBS volume for typical CI jobs (build, unit test, etc)


  • Unlimited nested views
    • Group and Organize jobs into views using regular expressions
    • Provides an easy way to avoid job "clutter" and keep things organized
  • Dashboards and Pipelines
    • Provide a cohesive overall view of CI related activities
    • Code Health
    • Job Status
  • Authorization & Authentication
    • Fully integrated with KIS and CAS
      • KIS groups manage authorization, CAS handles authentication
    • Wonderful thing about working with open source projects like Jenkins
      • Out of the box CAS plugin needed a very small patch in order to complete the integration with Kuali's CAS implementation
      • Able to patch the source and continue moving forward in a timely manner


  • Firefox
    • Headless mode
    • Can select between multiple versions 14, 22, 27
    • Automation in place for safely adding new Firefox versions as they get released
  • Maven
    • 3.0.5
    • 3.1.0
    • 3.2.1
    • Automation in place for safely adding new Maven versions as they get released
  • Java
    • JDK 6
    • JDK 7
    • JDK 8
    • Automation in place for safely adding new java versions as they get released

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