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Session Information

Room: Executive Center 3
Time: 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
Title: KNS to KRAD Migration: Intro and Update
Track: Kuali Rice Type: Technical
Date: Wednesday 11/20/2013


  • Claus Niesen (Iowa State University)
  • Jeremy Hanson (Iowa State University)


With the 2.4 Rice release KRAD will have all the features of KNS. This version provides the opportunity to migrate KNS based applications and take advantage of the new KRAD functionality. This session will give a brief comparison between the KNS and KRAD frameworks, talk about the migration process, available tooling and cover questions such as:

  • Why invest in migrating applications built with the KNS to KRAD?
  • How will the automated conversion work?
  • What issues will I encounter during migration?
  • What resources and assistance will be available?

Hands on experience of the initial migration trials by the KPME will give you a special insight into the migration process.

Proposal: Kuali Days 2012 - Install Fest Workshop Proposal.pdf


  • Welcome
    • What this session is about
    • Who we are

Workshop Materials

The workshop materials are stored on the publicly accessible Kuali Days Google Drive . The following is the description of the content:












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