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Session Information

Room: Salon A
Time: 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Title: KRAD hands-On Developer Workshop
Track: Kuali Rice Type: Technical Level: Intermediate
Date: Sunday 10/14/2012

  • Dan Seibert (University of California, San Diego)
  • Claus Niesen (Iowa State University)
  • Brian Smith (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Martin Taylor (University of Maryland)


Often, the best way to really learn a new technology is to jump in and get your feet wet!

The KRAD development team will be your guides as attendees design, develop, debug and run a sample web application on their own laptops during this workshop.

We'll start with an introduction to KRAD, discuss the software architecture, components, and best practices for developing web applications with KRAD and then work together through a few tutorials as we build up a web application.


After the workshop, we expect that the attendees will have learned:

  • Learn best practices for building a KRAD app
  • How to build KRAD pages
    • Able to work with data dictionary files to create and edit views
    • Create custom controller methods
    • Style pages
    • Add custom javascript to pages
  • Ability to discover / explore the properties and functionality of KRAD UIF components

High Level Session Flow

  • Introduction, Workshop Overview, (10 min)
  • KRAD Best Practices Presentation (20 min)
  • IDE startup / updates  (10-15  min)
  • Developer Lab 1 - components and groups (30 min)
  • Solution Review / Discussion (10 min)
  • break (15 min)
  • Developer Lab 2 - validation (30 min)
  • Solution Review / Discussion (10 min)
  • Developer Lab 3 - buttons and custom controller methods (20 min)
  • Developer Lab 4 - progressive disclosure (20 min)
  • Developer Lab 5 - collections (20 min) 
  • Advanced / Take home labs (rich messaging, lightbox / dialogs, events) (time permitting,  at least a 5 minute demo) 
  • Wrap up (15 min)
    • Review Best Practices
    • Where to find more into

Existing Materials to Reference

Best Practices Presentation

The workshop will start with an introduction of the KRAD UIF framework.
We will give an overview of the KRAD software architecture. We'll cover the various KRAD UIF Components. And discuss best practices for developing your web pages.

Topics under consideration:

  • Component structure: bean, template, view
  • View layout best practice: view, page, section
  • Walk thru a data dictionary, discuss that the dd is where the page design takes place
  • How to find info about components
    • component definition files  (xml spring definitions)
    • spring facet - F3 to parent bean definition
    • java bean code
    • javadocs
    • other helper pages?
    • kitchen sink

Code Labs

Code Labs are tutorial exercises focused on a specific KRAD topic.

These labs contain short simple exercises enhancing an existing sample project.
Attendees will design, develop, debug, and demo the enhancements.
The KRAD developer team will work with the attendees, discuss the topics in more detail, as we work through the tutorials.
Topics include:
#Adding components and groups tutorial
#Validation Tutorial
#Buttons and Custom Controller Methods
#Progressive Render Tutorial
#Collections Tutorial

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