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Session Information

Room: Salon A
Time: 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Title: Installfest: Computer Setup for Rice Application Development
Track: Kuali Rice Type: Technical Level: Beginner
Date: Sunday 10/14/2012


  • Claus Niesen (Iowa State University)
  • Erik Meade (Kuali)

Volunteer that assist attendees when they experience trouble or fall behind during the workshop.

  • Corey Pedersen (University of Utah)
  • Steven Manning (Cornell University)

We have 14 attendees of which 11 will also attend the KRAD workshop.


This workshop will get attendees set up and ready to do development of Rice applications on the laptops they bring with them. We will be installing and configuring Java Developer Kit, Maven, Eclipse, and MySQL. Our focus will be on Windows and OS-X.

Proposal: Kuali Days 2012 - Install Fest Workshop Proposal.pdf

Workshop Agenda

  • Welcome
    • What this session is about
    • Who we are
    • Get to know the audience
      • Survey Mac vs Windows users
      • Survey potential pairings
        • Attendees that don't want to actively participate (install stuff on their computer)
        • Non Windows 7, less than 4GB ram, less than 4GB disk space
  • Installation:
  • Install rice database
  • Run Maven archetype to create project skeleton
  • Run tests
  • Run project
  • Mention removal

Workshop Materials

The workshop materials are stored on the publicly accessible Kuali Days Google Drive . The following is the description of the content:



Contains all installation files and presentation materials. Claus will burn a DVD for each attendee. We'll also have a couple of thumb drives to hand around in case an attendee doesn't have a DVD drive but the thumb drives need to be returned.

The Windows and Mac OS X directory contain operating system specific installation files.
The file contains the db directory of the rice source code.  This will be used to create the database via impex.  Should we not have internet access we can fall back to the rice.sql file which is a database dump of the rice database and sql to create the rice user.
The m2 is only needed as a fallback if we do not have internet access.  It contains the whole local m2 repository to create the skeleton project via the archetype.

InstallFest - Windows Instructions.docx

Handout with instructions to follow along (for Windows)


PowerPoint presentation that will accompany the workshop

Installfest (eclipse).pptx

A older PowerPoint presentation which uses Eclipse instead of STS (not used for the workshop)

There is also a recording of the setup procedure with eclipse on [Youtube|]

External Reference Materials