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The scope of the Kuali Rice project is large and the different pieces of functionality it provides are diverse. It can sometimes be difficult to cut through the acronyms and technical language that permeates the project. In this session attendees will get an introduction to what Rice is, receive an executive overview of Kuali Rice and provide some insight into how it can be leveraged outside of the core Kuali projects to provide a lasting value to your institution.

We will look at Rice from two different perspectives to examine how it's different pieces can fit into the larger institutional ecosystem and architecture:

  • How it's various components can provide rapid benefit to your institution with little investment.
  • How it can be leveraged in larger, long-term initiatives to provide valuable services to your enterprise.

This session will focus on Rice from a high level and should provide new and existing Kuali Days attendees with ideas on how they can utilize Rice to solve a wide array of challenges at their institution.

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