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The intent of this page is to document known issues with the current development/milestone release of Rice along with any helpful workarounds to the issue.

2.0.0 - Beta 1

b1-1 Modularity work

reported 11/1/2011

Due to continuing cleanup related to the modularity work incurred with rice 2.0 the following caveats should be noted when working with the 2.0.0-b1 release of Rice


  1. It can only be used to set up "bundled" applications. None of the remote or embedded client stuff is going to be working properly.
  2. We are going to continue through future beta work to make remote and embedded clients available again.
  3. The way in which you configure Rice may change quite a bit in future beta releases, so we are going to be looking at fairly impaction beta releases coming down in the future.
  4. There is still quite a bit of work to do on the new caching layer (one other thing i noticed is that all of our caches are set to be infinite size with no expiration...that's probably not a good thing)


There are currently no workarounds for this issue

2.0.0 Milestone-9

m9-1 Spring Caching

reported 10/12/2011

Due to an issue with Spring caching (, the Rice team will be switching to using parameter numbers for our cache annotation keys. It seems as though when we use '#id' in the key parameter, things become unstable.  Because of this and concerns about using the parameter names without debugging turned on, we are going to switch to using the parameter numbers for the cache annotation keys. For example instead of #id, or #name, we will be using #p0, #p1, etc.


As such, if you are using our latest Milestone (M9) you shouldn't have any issues with working through compilation error or getting this started up. However if you try to run the code, you may experience issues due to this problem.


One work around would be to disable caching until these changes are committed. To do so, you would need to edit out the following in the spring file…

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