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The KC project has requested for KRACOEUS-6593 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error that Rice be able to specify custom KEN document types in order to send notifications with different security attributes.  This would allow KC to specify what notifications get which document type (assumed to be children of KualiNotification.xml) so that they restrict viewing of notifications in the doc search to only those who have permission.


The way that KEN handles notifications is to allow them to be sent through SendNotificationService (which has an implementing class of SendNotificationServiceKewXmlImpl via the method public NotificationResponse sendNotification(Notification notification).  The notification is immediately handed to the NotificationService where it is persisted in the database to wait to be dispatched to users.  The service NotificationMessageDeliveryResolverService periodically picks up any unresolved notifications and turns them into KEW notifications via KEWActionListMessageDeliverer.deliverMessage(NotificationMessageDelivery messageDelivery).  Eventually, this method will call into NotificationWorkflowDocument.createNotificationDocument(initiatorUserId) and use the default KEN notification type.  This is the only place in the production code where KualiNotification is used; thus, only a few internal classes and data objects will have to be changed to make this happen.


Since the NotificationService merely persists notifications and is not responsible for disseminating them, completing this request requires an API addition to NotificationContract and a subsequent change all dependent classes that affect the database.  To follow convention, it is recommended to use getDocTypeName() in the interface and DOC_TYP_NM (VARCHAR(64)) as the new optional field in KREN_NTFCTN_T.  Once this is added to both Notification and NotificationBo, then the document type will be passed all the way to NotificationWorkflowDocumentService.createAndAdHocRouteNotificationWorkflowDocument(..) where the call

will include a safe version of something like

If there are any errors like not being able to find the notification or having a null document type, then the code will revert to the previous method and use the standard KualiNotification type.


This change will have the following impacts:

  • Database change in Rice 2.3.1 with a non-required field.  This should not affect backwards compatibility.
  • API change for NotificationContractThis should not affect backwards compatibility.
  • Internal code change.  Safe.
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