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The following enhancement is currently deployed at MSU, the purpose of this is to explore the contribution of it back to Rice Core.


Indicate the necessity for this enhancement. What does it accomplish?
Create a new notes column/field in the action list to provide users a useful way to add personal notes for reference while a document is in their action list.

Detailed Description

Give a detailed description for the enhancement. Clearly describe all concerns, eliminating ambiguities.
Currently users cannot add a note indicating an open inquiry or other issue on an eDoc without opening and attaching to the document itself. This will allow users to add a quick tag to an item in their action list allowing them to process documents faster because they do not have to open the eDoc to remember why it is in a “Hold” status in their action list.

Usage Scenarios

Include at least one usage scenario, from the user's task perspective, that might be helpful in understanding the issue:

Mocks and Diagrams

Include any mocks (for UI enhancements) or diagrams that might be helpful in understanding the issue:


If applicable, list expectations for performance (optimal and worst cases would be fine, give time in seconds):


Include links to other confluence pages or external resources that might be helpful for this issue:

Requirements Listing

List all requirements (individual verifiable statements) that indicate whether the work for this item has been complete. If there are requirements that are not essential to the functionality but would be nice to have if time allows, enter those under 'Non-Essential':

  1. Note field should be an editable text field and allow up to 300 characters.
  2. Note field should allow for any characters.
  3. Notes added should only be viewable to themselves and their delegates if they have access to their action list.
  4. Note will only remain while in that users action list.
  5. Note field should not be stored.
  6. Allow sorting of the Note field.
  7. Add a new checkbox field to the Workflow Preferences screen labeled ‘Notes’.
    1. The ‘Notes’ checkbox field should default with a checkmark so all users will have the Notes column displayed in their Action List.
    2. Allow users to unselect the ‘Notes’ checkbox field if they do not want to display the Notes column in their Action List.
    3. The ‘Notes’ checkbox field should be added to the bottom of the ‘Fields Displayed In Action List’ section. See example in the screen shots section of this document.
  8. User does not need to have any roles other than being an active user in order to view and edit the notes field.
  9. Note should be viewable and considered complete when a user tabs out of the field.
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List any functional or technical work that must be completed before work on this item can begin:

  1. item


List any issues that need to be resolved before work on this item can begin:

  1. During testing, it was discovered that the ability for the Primary delegate to view the Fiscal Officer’s Note information is currently available in KFS. The FO can also view a Primary Delegate’s Note information. No additional coding was necessary to add this. This functionality should remain in the system unchanged.
    1. This is for Primary delegation only; the Secondary delegation does not allow the viewing of the Notes field from within the Action List.
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QA or Regression Testing Plan

List steps needed to test the basic functionality of this update, enhancement, bug fix

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Functional Analysis Complete? No (completed by SME)

Needs Review by KAI? No (completed by SME)

Technical Analysis Complete? No (completed by DM)

Needs Review by KTI? No (completed by DM)

Estimate: x hours (completed by DM)

Technical Design: Link Here (completed by DM)

Jira: (completed by SME)

Final Documentation: Link Here (completed by DM)

Added to QA: No (completed by SME)

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