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Indicate the necessity for this enhancement. What does it accomplish?

The idea is that if someone is configuring a simple proposition to compare a term against some user supplied value which must be from a certain set, we want to be able to have KRMS' UI present them with either a select drop down, or a lookup to choose the value.

  • What this is - make it so when you specify the value a term is compared to, allow them to choose from a set of predefined values
  • Start by looking at what MIT COEUS provides for this
  • Should consider support in database for it, and for external data as well
  • Given term give me back valid values for it or a lookup for it
  • Simplest way to do it might be just a drop-down
  • Peter's original idea:
    • Have the term specification have a special type to signal that it's going to need to use this type of service to resolve it
    • Do a generic type parameter for it

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