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Gap Analysis

List of KNS features and status if they are implemented in KRAD

Focus Group Topics

The focus groups will made of stake holders from across the Kuali projects to address questions regarding the equivalency.


  • L41: The return values of QuickFinder lookups will be in the "Actions" Column. Used to be the "Return Value" column. KULRICE-8815
  • L23: Do we need to support triggerOnChange on lookup criteria fields? No
  • L33, L38/L101, L39: Do implementers really need to configure the lookup result limits, the page size for results, and the maximum result column display length? Yes
  • L81: Is backwards compatibility for lookups with criteria values via URL needed? KULRICE-9082 No
  • L72: Do we really need a convenience property for menubar?  Doing so will make other configuration difficult.  For detailed discussion see KULRICE-5388 No
  • Lookupable.shouldDisplayHeaderNonMaintActions and shouldDisplayLookupCriteria in KNS are not being used. We are not sure about their need and function. Are the projects using them?
  • For the message that gives the number or results retrieved, an info message is displayed on top. Is this OK?  (Current design is using the style as other informational messages). Not ok, hide.



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