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Preliminary Analysis

KNS to KRAD conversion is setup into four steps:

  • convert data dictionary into krad compliant format 
    • convert validation patterns to constraint
    • convert control definitions into uif controls
  • convert kns definitions into krad uif components
    • convert inquiry and lookup definitions into view
    • convert section definition into uif groups
    • convert field definitions into uif input fields
  • convert struts to spring mvc 
    • convert struts and their actions into uif controllers
    • convert action paths into request mapping annotations in the controller
  • convert jsp and tags into uif components
    • convert jsp tags into uif components
    • convert jstl calls into spring el conditionals
    • convert document into view
    • convert kul:tabs into uif disclosure
    • convert html tables into grid layouts
    • convert attributes/control tags into uif input fields
    • convert image submit tags into action buttons

Existing script for krad conversion is included in KRADConversion.groovy.  The script will process lookup, inquiry, and MaintenanceDocumentEntries into krad-compliant xml files.  


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