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Existing Jiras

Roadmap Requirements:  KRRM-7 - Data cannot be retrieved due to an unexpected error

key summary Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

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Potential Enhancements

  1. Increase Usability

  2. Person

    1. Membership, some people are members of hundreds of groups

    2. people don’t use Contact now to create people as is

    3. How will KPME implement, plan to create custom ‘Add New People’ screen

    4. KS is planning to use that screen, perhaps Add New Student screen

    5. Add user screen in Rice for admin users

    6. KIM has non-person entities

  3. Show button with no results is awkward

  4. Editing of objects with large collections

  5. Crosses over into inquiry, lookup, maintenance

  6. Consider enhancing standard screens instead of custom - design principle

  7. Role: search for a member you want to edit

  8. Look at Grouper interface, main competitor, Google groups & people

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