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In 0.9.4 we are converting KEW to use the KNS. Below is a summary of the potential impact of this on KFS.

High-level Jira task: KULRICE-1457

Technical Impact

  1. We will be getting rid of org.kuali.rice.kew.lookupable classes and replacing with KNS equivalents. This includes Column, Row, etc. This will have impact throughout various routing component interfaces in KEW, including rule attributes and searchable attributes. KFS includes implementations of these components which will need to be updated appropriately.
  2. In order to accomplish above, some enhancements will need to be made to the KNS Column, Row, etc. Jeremy H is working on an enhancement proposal for this now (hopefully will be mostly non-impacting). Would probably also include additions to rowDisplay.tag (for example, KEW supports a multi-select box, KNS does not at the current time to the best of my knowledge)
  3. As a result of conversion of Document Search some of the java interfaces used for configuration will change (DocumentSearchResultProcessor, DocumentSearchCriteriaProcessor)
  4. As a result of Doc search conversion, some enhancements will likely need to be made to lookup framework (support for hiding criteria, etc.) Hopefully non-impacting but not 100% sure yet.
  5. The WorkflowLookupableImpl adapter should no longer be needed. Instead, it should be possible to use and configure URL-based lookups in rules (not sure if KFS will need this considering KIM integration)

Functional Impact

  1. Most Screens will change to have the KNS "look-and-feel"
    1. Document Search - advanced search will likely have a single column instead of side-by-side view in order to more easily fit into the Lookup framework. An action column will probably be added for super user functionality instead of the existing "Super User" search.
    2. Action List - we are going to attempt to make this a special lookup implementation, if not it will be coded to use the KNS look-and-feel
    3. Route Log - Garey is doing analysis currently to see if this can become an inquiry, if not will be coded to use the KNS look-and-feel
    4. Remove/Replace - will be re-written as a transactional document
    5. Rule - being re-written as a transactional document (appears to be too complex for a maintenance document). Will be removing the ability to create more than one rule on a single document. Delegation rules will be created in a separate document (this has long been supported) but it will no longer be possible to "add" them directly on the parent rule. This simplifies greatly the implementation of rule versioning.
    6. Other screens which aren't neccessarily documents, inquiries or lookups will change to use KNS CSS (i.e. Rule Quick Links, Preferences, Action List Filter, XML Ingester, etc.)
  2. The "Rule" screen will have a different look and feel as well as removing the ability to create more than one rule on a single Rule document.
  3. No more Application Constants screen for configuring KEW settings. Will use system parameters instead.
  4. Xml Export from lookups works differently (using XML link at bottom of the lookup)
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