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  • Jenkins Master
  • Jenkins Slaves
    • Altered SSH settings in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

      TCPKeepAlive no
      ClientAliveInterval 60
      ClientAliveCountMax 10
    • The were some issues this past Friday centered around communication between build slaves and the master
    • The altered ssh settings should help reduce issues with ssh connections to build slaves - JENKINS-12235
    • The issues occurred (almost exclusively) during the checkout of a project by the Jenkins Subversion Plugin
      1. There does not appear (at the moment) to be a way to put that plugin into quiet mode - JENKINS-17158
      2. Changing jobs to use the command line Subversion client with the --quiet flag (instead of the plugin) prevents the issue
      3. In general, reducing output from jobs that are overly "chatty" helps avoid this
      4. Altering the Jenkins Subversion Plugin to prevent it from emitting a log message for every single file in a checkout out would likely help (if the issue persists after these changes)

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