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  • Bumped version to latest LTS release - 1.554.3
  • Upgraded 14 plugins to the latest version known to be compatible with 1.554.3
    • amazon ec2, build pipeline, credentials, cvs, email ext, git client, git, ldap, maven project, node iterator api, parameterized trigger, ssh credentials, subversion
  • All Subversion polling is now done from the master

    • Should eliminate some inconsistencies associated with polling threads getting hung on build slaves

    • Configuration tip provided by Haroon from KS Core Tech

  • The group "" has permissions to cancel jobs in addition to running them
  • The group "ci.user" has the "runScript" permission
  • Both and use "" for authentication/authorization
    • Eliminates any inconsistencies between the two related to logging in
    • Can always switch testci back to test-cas if we need to test something related to CAS itself
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