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  1. This process should work on any operating system supported by Vagrant
    1. Verified on Mac OSX - (thumbs up)

    2. Linux - Verified on Fedora release 20 (Heisenbug)

    3. Windows - (question)

  2. Download and install Vagrant
  3. Download and install VirtualBox
  4. Download the Oracle 11g zip file for Linux x64

    1. Always download the Linux x64 zip file, even if you are on Windows or Mac OSX.

  5. Clone the vagrant-ubuntu-oracle-xe repository from GitHub

  6. git clone git://
  7. Copy the Oracle 11g zip file to the directory vagrant-ubuntu-oracle-xe expects to find it in

    cp ~/Downloads/ ~/vagrant-ubuntu-oracle-xe/modules/oracle/files
  8. Install vbguest

    vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
  9. Invoke Vagrant to install and configure Oracle 11g

    cd ~/vagrant-ubuntu-oracle-xe
    vagrant up
  10. After a few minutes your local machine will be running an Oracle 11g server on a virtual instance of Ubuntu 12.04
  11. The JDBC connection url is

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  1. If you want to allocate more memory, you can fork the repo and use this diff (which raises the memory to 2G and swap to 4G).

  2. Some useful vagrant commands:

    vagrant upbring up the VM
    vagrant ssh

    drop into a full-fledged SSH session

    vagrant suspendsuspend the VM
    vagrant resumeresume the VM
    vagrant statustells you the status of the VM
  3. Long awaited Oracle install on my MAC - just fantastic. The install process took me around 7 minutes tops and everything was up and running. Thanks for the instructions. 

  4. +1 The joy of local Oracle on  my mac!

    If you are using sqlplus from mac, here's how I was able to connect:

      sqlplus system/manager@//localhost:1521/XE

    (NOTE: / between 1521 and XE  NOT ':')

  5. When updating Virtual Box or Vagrant independently, there can be version collisions. The following versions are now known to work together:

    • Virtual Box 4.3.8
    • Vagrant 1.5.1
    • vagrant-vb-guest plugin 0.10.0

    There is also a default password expiration in Oracle 11g of 180days.

    Michael O'Cleirigh has shared the following as an option to eliminate this:

    -- Verify

    However, the following also works:

    1. Shut down the machine with 'vagrant halt'
    2. In the Virtual Box UI:
      1. Right-click the machine
      2. Remove...
      3. Delete all files
    3. Back in the terminal run another 'vagrant up' and the machine will be rebuilt and reset.


  6. I m trying a fresh install and everything went fine. Although when I try to connect to the jdbc url, it says unknown host. I can't find any errors during the install process. Any help is appreciated.