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This document is a draft (8-31-2011).


The KPME,  KFS, and KS teams have noted that the current delivered functionality in the RICE action list does not fully support their needs (to the point that they've created custom views for action requests). 

See and its links to related JIRAs. 

Also see


Functional Design & Requirements


Specifically, there is no way to customize the action list (what columns are displayed), to filter, to sort, to share filters.  (more to be detailed here)

Setup and Maintenance

(to be completed)

Use Cases

Case 1:

In many cases the users don’t care about the standard columns/fields that are in the action list - they are looking at bulk data where the value of the rows in those columns is all the same, for example all same type, all same initiator, etc.  It is information overload having all those in the view.  They want to be able to filter, for example, by doc type, be able to set up your preferences, refresh the view.  Quick filtering like in Jira.

Case 2:

There are teams that use the action list like a reporting tool.  For example, in timekeeping at the end of a pay period, they may want to look at all exceptions, e.g., what hasn't been improved.  Or look at the time flow (when in/when out).

Case 3:

In many teams, multiple people may be doing the same type of tasks.)  They want to be able to share filters (my filters, my shared filters)  For example, accounts payable team may be 4 people, all doing the same tasks - needing the same views/filters.  Each might look at invoice images to check for missing ID in the returned columns, look for the vendor name column, and have to call the vendor for any that are missing.

Technical Design & implementation

  • to be completed

Work Breakdown and Estimates

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