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Date and Time: February 8, 3-4 pm Eastern Time
Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 844-0850
Participant Access Code: 429965#
Facilitator: Eric Westfall


  1. Roll-call - Eric Westfall
  2. Recurrence of this meeting - Second Monday of every month from 3-4 pm eastern time.
  3. Project update - Eric Westfall
    • Release
    • 1.1.0
      • JPA
  4. Any interesting news from participants on Kuali Rice-related work they are doing at their institution?
  5. Follow-up from last meeting on survey about each groups' efforts - Eric Westfall
  6. Infoshare on Grouper and KIM integration - Chris Hyzer
  7. Discussion on using database to store attachments and work surrounding DMS integration with Kuali Rice.
    • question from Michael Oatley at uconn:

      Is there an option to use the database for file attachments, thus removing the need for shared file system storage on the servers? Is there a reason why file sharing was selected over database storage for attachments? Personally, I prefer to store all data in one location (database).

    • Radhika Prabu from UC Davis is working on getting a group together to discuss adding better document management integration with Rice, in particular for KFS implementation requirements.
  8. Additional agenda items?
  9. Future meetings topics?



  • Eric Westfall - Indiana University
  • Saurabh Ajmera - Indiana University
  • Shannon Hess - Indiana University
  • Mike Oatley - University of Connecticut
  • Dan Seibert - UC San Diego
  • Wes Price - University of Hawaii
  • Ron Splitgerber - Colorado State University
  • Tony Disanza - Innovativ Consulting
  • Warren Liang - UC Irvine
  • Katya Sadovsky - UC Irvine
  • James Smith - University of Arizona
  • Curtis Bray - UC Davis
  • Jonathan Keller - UC Davis
  • Emerson David - UC Davis
  • Mohammed Kousheh - Boston University
  • Chris Moore - Brown University
  • Jim Keefe - Brown University
  • Aaron Hamid - Cornell University
  • Chris Hyzer - University of Pennsylvania

Project update Release

  • Released last Friday
  • Curtis - are there any api changes in this version?
    • Eric - not that I can recall, but there are some API additions to KIM


  • Rice team face-to-face in Tucson, AZ a couple of weeks ago
  • focused primarily on work related to JPA implementation in Rice 1.1
    • went well, still working through working on the best way to deal with JPA in the context of the KNS
  • Rice 1.1 broken primarily into the following high-level milestones
    1. Milestone 1 - JPA
    2. Milestone 2 - XML Import/Export
    3. Milestone 3 - Version Compatibility

Any interesting news from participants on Kuali Rice-related work they are doing at their institution?

Indiana University

  • Upgrading from Rice 0.9.4 to Rice
  • Fairly large upgrade for us since we have about 10 enterprise applications to convert and test as well as 20+ eDocLite applications
  • Production date scheduled for March 27th

UC Davis

  • Curtis - last month rolled out a homegrown application for merit and promotion system
    • My Info Vault - faculty promotions - directly calling workflow and kim apis in spring based web app
    • in process of upgrading to Rice
  • bring KFS pieces online sometime this summer
    • Jonathan - yes, mid July is what we are planning

Boston University

  • Mohammed - we are working on some things in the "research and development" stage
  • have played with 0.9.3 and then upgraded rice to 1.0.1 after
  • built a demo application to show capabilities
  • have an application that uses workflow but not kns
    • just for simple adhoc approval for moving apis from one environment to another
  • also have a vacation request application using eDocLite
    • demoed to other areas that had interest in using eDocLite
    • turned out it just needed a little work to do pre and post processing for their graduate admissions, but were very interested in the potential there
  • the other thing we wanted to do was install KC locally instead of using the KC test drive
    • this would allow for us to deploy KC onsite and integrate with local systems
    • for rice 1.0.1 we integrated with CAS and used XML import to put users in there, not sure if we can do that through the XML
    • Eric - you can enter KIM configuration through the database or GUI but not unfortunately through XML, we are working on that for Rice 1.1

UC Irvine

  • Warren - doing some load testing on Rice and working on EDL and integration with LDAP and access management systems
    • Finding that Rice is handling load pretty well
    • However, the more concurrent requests we add, the response times goes down quite a bit
  • Katya @Eric - would you be able to share what your hardware configuration is?
  • Katya - also we've noticed that KC is really slow. Has anyone been doing load testing on KC?
    • Ron - we've also noticed something similar and we are working to separate out standalone Rice from KC
    • KC development teams indicate the performance issues are because of the pre-release nature of the software

Colorado State University

  • Ron - a lot of people doing edl applications, seems to have a lot of promise
  • also have a committee looking at federated ID and KIM
    • Eric - would you be able to share the results of the collaboration effort on federated identify with KIM?
    • Ron - yes we can keep this group posted on what that group finds
  • have also been looking at how someone might use the database for attachment storage instead of the filesystem
    • Eric - we have a topic on the agenda later regarding that

University of Pennsylvania

  • planning to convert a bunch of access management forms to eDocLite
  • getting the final signoff to use Rice and then move forward from there

Follow-up from last meeting on survey about each groups' efforts

  • Eric - I put together a quick list of questions that I thought of that would be good to collect from each institution
  • Ron
    • do you see anyone that's interested in having any business intelligence support in Rice?
    • Ron - Barry has been approaching the boards on collaboration on how business intelligence can be handled moving forward
    • We have an operational data store at CSU which is just flat files
    • Seems if that was something that was part of Rice and not for each application it might be used more
    • Eric - sure, that may be an interesting thing to ask about.
      • Could add a question along the lines of - "Is your institution interested in having consistent BI functionality across all Kuali applications?"
  • Mike
    • might want to ask something about how Rice is being integrated with various identity management solutions at institutions
    • Eric - yes, very good question
  • Curtis
    • was wondering - it might be interesting to query folks on how they are handling local governance of Rice at their institution
    • We have a group that we've put together to handle this kind of governance
    • Eric - yes, very good question since Kuali Rice crosscuts a lot of application areas
      • At IU we have our "Kuali Rice Implementation Group" which acts as a steering committee of sorts for our Rice implementation
  • Eric - Action Item - I will take this feedback and create the final survey, then have everyone review before sending out the final version

Infoshare on Grouper and KIM integration - Chris Hyzer

  • Grouper is internet 2's group management system
  • wanted to make it available so that you can delegate the groups logic operation to Grouper
  • Eric, Garey Taylor, Jeremy Hanson, and I met at Kuali Days and talked about it
  • basically built a connector to override the group service and group update service
  • there were some enhancements we had to add to grouper to make this work and some enhancements for rice
  • basically can take this connector and do the work to do this integration
    • there is a Grouper confluence page that talks about the difference between how grouper handles groups and why you would want to do this
  • Eric - Are there other institutions that would be willing to help test this integration or participate in this collaboration effort?
    • Brown uses grouper - would be interested in doing something like that
    • UC Irvine - Katya - UCI is looking at using grouper as well
    • Cornell - Aaron - we aren't going to be going with Grouper but we would be interested in seeing this
      • would be interested if this is just a pass through or implemented differently
      • could be used as a good example of how to override KIM service
      • Chris - right now it's just a pass through
  • Chris - when ready, will send out a note to the rice collab list with information so people will know how to get to the documentation and related code

Discussion on using database to store attachments and work surrounding DMS integration with Kuali Rice.

  • Mike - in looking at running Rice in a cluster we are interested in the possibility of storing attachments in the database
  • Eric - there are a couple of ways you could go about this
    1. Use a shared file system mount across all of your machines in the cluster (that's what we do at IU)
    2. override the AttachmentService and write a custom implementation that writes and reads from the database
  • Eric - this is one aspect of a larger discussion surrounding integrating Kuali Rice with other Document Management Systems
    • there is a separate discussion going on regarding that
    • if there is anyone who is interested in participating in that discussion, please let me know

Additional agenda items?

  • Chris - is there a certain place on the wiki where people can post examples? For eDocLite in particular.
    • Eric - not specifically but we can (and should) add one to the collaboration space
  • Chris - would also be interested in eDocLite examples from others
    • Warren - we could share ours but it requires a Rice patch to add lookup support to EDL
      • Eric - could put that example up there with a link to the KULRICE jira regarding integrating that patch into the core
  • Eric - can also put IU examples up there
    • Chris - if you do that can you get the latest Rice 1.0 upgraded examples
      • Eric - sure

Action Items

  1. All - if you think of any other suggestions for survey questions, please let Eric know
  2. Eric - update survey questions based on feedback from group
  3. Eric - put together a sample survey using a survey tool and send to collaboration group for review before asking for people to fill it out
  4. Eric - create a place on confluence to post eDocLite and other examples
  5. IU - post IU edoclite examples to the above space when it is available
  6. Warren - post UC Irvine examples to the above space when it is available
  7. Chris - send out a message to the rice.collab mailing list pointing people to the Grouper-KIM integration work
  8. All - let Eric know if you are interested in any discussions surrounding Rice integration with Document Management Systems
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