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Date and Time: February 13, 3-4 pm Eastern Time
Conference Dial-in Number: 218-844-0850
Participant Access Code: 429965#
Adobe Connect Kuali Screen 3 (sign in as guest)
Facilitator: Candace Soderston

Upcoming Agenda

  1. Introductions & Roll-call -- Candace
  2. Update on Rice 2.0 Delivery, and Rice 2.1 and 2.2 plans -- Jessica
  3. Update on the Rice Beta Test – Matt
  4. Live Demo of the XO framework (suggestion:  watch the video available via this link before the meeting!) --- Chris/Dan
  5. Update on current collaboration topics and opportunities for Rice 2.2 KRAD – Candace
    • KRAD Training upcoming in March
    • KRAD Developer-User Group meetings
      • Every other Monday at 2 pm EST (led by Jerry Neal), with the next one on February 20th.  This is a great opportunity to learn and ask questions related to developing applications with KRAD.  If interested, join through KIS (KRAD User Group mailing list page). 
    • "Feedback Fridays"
      • Every other Friday at 2 pm EST (led by Candace Soderston), starting February 24th.  Each session will be a different topic, focused on one of the KRAD 2.2 requirements.  This is a great opportunity to provide user input and feedback, to influence where we are heading in the design of the user interface framework.  Mark the time on your calendars!  A note will go out to the collab list early in the week of these sessions, with the topic and how to join for that week.  (Note that on the alternate weeks, we're reviewing topics with the KAI, so with these two, there is a weekly opportunity to provide input/feedback.)
  6. Other topics? - All
  7. Other Questions or Requests for future meetings? -- All

Meeting notes

  • Jessica’s update on Rice 2.0 delivery, and Rice 2.1 and 2.2 plans:
    • 2.0.0-rc2 out today with bug & performance fixes
      • more bug fixing & performance testing/fixes going on for 2.0 final release which should be out on 2/24/12
    • work on 2.1 and 2.2 going on concurrently
      • work on 2.1 maintenance release with bug fixes and smaller features needed by apps has been started, release target for Q2 2012
      • work on 2.2 new feature release (KRAD Phase 2, JPA research) begins at end of February, release targets for Q3 2012
  • Matt’s update on the Rice 2.0 Beta test:
    • Finished end of January, good level of feedback, for example from KS and Coeus, successful finding things before going out the door.  Next will try to do at time of year that isn’t so hectic (holiday/vacation schedules) so more can participate.
    • Will be a survey coming out shortly (from Jessica) – if you participated, what you liked or disliked, & suggestions for future;  if you didn't participate, what you’d like to see to make it easier to participate if you weren’t able to this time.
    • Docsearch performance comparisons btw 1.0.3 and 2.0 results coming in.  Work done on how to integrate performance testing in future, continuous integration visibility.
  • Chris’ live demo of the XO framework, Questions:
    • Q: How do you handle multiple developers working on the same model/document at the same time?
      A:  Although we haven’t done too much work on this topic as the tool is still in the early stages, we expect to able to create a lock on the document in the same way as you would with a business application. As this approach supports the same infrastructure as any Rice app, we would be able to leverage infrastructure going forward.  Would need to research if this content could be managed in any other SVN you use, for check in/check out, synch control, etc..
    • Q:  Will you be able to re-create the model from the generated code?
      A:  We would definitely be able to reconstruct the model/diagram from the intermediate xml structure (created from the model).We may also be able to use the code annotations in the generated artifacts to re-build the model from the generated code. However, further work needs to be done in this area.

26 Attendees

3 On the agenda:

Chris De Rosa (ARC chair, UCSD)
Matt Sargent (IU, Rice BA)
Candace Soderston (UW, Rice UX, ARC vice-chair)

7 Additional Rice team members:

Claus Niesen (Iowa State, Rice dev)
Dan Siebert (UCSD, Rice dev)
Erik Meade (Rice dev)
Jessica Coltrin, (UA, Rice Project Manager)
Peter Giles (UW, Rice dev lead)
Samuel Holtzkampf (OpenCollab, Rice dev)
Scott Gibson (UMD, Rice dev)

16 Additional from around the community:

Nina Gelderbloem (NorthWest U, SA, KStudent)
Matthew Aynalem (USC)
Saurabh Ajmera (USC)
Warren Liang (UC Irvine)
Daniel Sweeney (Indiana, Kuali OLE)
Chad Hagstrom (Cornell)
Michael Oatley (UConn)
Ronald Gouldner (UHawaii)
Ron Splittgerber (CSU)
Mohammed Kousheh (BU)
Keith Scott (UW)
James Renfro (UW)
Dirk ? (?)
David Elyea (TRC vice chair, San Joaquin Delta College)
Tony Potts (TRC chair, rSmart)
Shaun ? (Vivantech)

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