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This document is a draft (7-12-2011).


The requirement for this is driven by the Kuali Rice Roadmap, specifically Kuali Rice Roadmap JIRA KRRM-56

Functional Design & Requirements

Need two GUI elements  (maybe there are more)

  • When we do eDoc lite development, there are pieces the workflow, the rules, the groups, then there are the eDoc lites themselves. When we migrate them now, we have to manual find and move them. 
  • if we had a UI that had various convenience tools
    • give me all my eDoc lite configuration
    • check the ones you want or uncheck the ones you don’t
      • or grab everything regardless of the cap (500 on a search)
    • Have it’s own portal with the availibility to get to all the data they need from the UI



Setup and Maintenance

Use Cases

Technical Design & implementation

  • Modeling Maps
  • Database Model
  • Services 

Work Breakdown and Estimates

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