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Name of non-profit organization:


Organization Leadership:

Jennifer Foutty, Executive Director

Name and email of person presenting:

Bill Yock <>

Institutional Partners:

Kuali Members

Problem/Solution Focus:

Title: Rapid Application Development with Kuali Rice

Problem: Higher education institutions often need to replace or leverage their aging applications or create extensions to applications that aren’t fully meeting the user needs.  Or, new applications are needed that aren’t on the roadmap to be developed by a vendor or a community such as Kuali. The question is often build it or buy it, but with shrinking budgets, all institutions are looking at finding more cost effective ways to get what they need without investing a lot of time in training developers and functional staff with different sets of tools.

Solution: Kuali Rice is the middleware and development framework used by Kuali applications to build their applications and it's free! KRAD (Kuali Rapid Application Development) is the new module that adds in many of the rich Web 2.0 features to the framework and opens the door to true rapid application development. KRAD creates a common way of developing the user interface and the Rice team maintains the open source libraries and maintenance challenges that often plague homegrown software applications. Coupled with other Rice modules like Workflow and Identity Management, KRAD applications can cover the majority of the functionality institutions require.

Another benefit of using KRAD to build applications is that add-ons to existing Kuali applications could be contributed back. The University of Washington built their My Plan application with KRAD to meet a critical institutional need and it's being contributed back to the Kuali Student project. Michigan State University developed their Organization Of Interest module on an earlier version of Rice and are updating it to use KRAD to take advantage of the new features. It's being used with Kuali Financial System and may become a core Kuali Rice module allowing many other institutions to take advantage of their development. Different institutions are using the same framework to solve common problems which can be shared.

Outline of the 10-minute presentation:

  1. Overview of KRAD features and what it can offer developers
  2. Screen shots from University of Washington My Plan software built with KRAD
  3. Preview of what the future holds for KRAD
  4. How institutions can start using KRAD

What your organization and community hope to gain from participation

To encourage institutions to try the Kuali Rice framework and build their applications with KRAD. Kuali is more than large enterprise software applications like Kuali Financial System and Kuali Coeus. The software used to build those applications can also be used to build smaller applications with a rich user interface. Our member institutions have solved many of the common problems facing software development in higher education and the more participation we have from other institutions in using Rice, the more problems we can continue to solve collectively.


Kuali Rice is the middleware and development framework used by Kuali applications and institutions to build their applications with rich Web 2.0 features and it's free! Learn how to save time and costs, collaborate, and develop with the Kuali community by using a common framework for solving common problems.

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