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For the new krad-data module and JPA support we need to put documentation in a few different places.

  1. For general krad-data module documentation, that should go in KRAD_GUIDE/data_objects.xml
  2. For JPA-related documentation, that should go here as well.
    1. We should be sure to remove and/or replace any and all references to OJB, this documentation should be written such that the OJB and legacy data framework do not exist
    2. I have already added a note at the top of this chapter of the KRAD guide which indicates that older documentation should be looked at to find out the OJB information
  3. The existing documentation tries to document OJB in a pretty high-level of detail. For this work, I don't think we want to try and recreate the documentation for JPA
    1. We should point people to the documentation on JPA and maybe give a few simple examples to help support the documentation as neede
  4. For documentation on OJB to JPA conversion, this should be added to books/KNS2KRAD_ConvGuide.xml
    1. A section has already been added near the end for "OJB to JPA" conversion
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