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Existing Jiras

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Potential Enhancements


  • biggest issue is large number of fields

  • ability to build out searches and save them

  • ability to see what they are allowed to search on, dropdown with typing

  • has custom doc searches, can get big, how to deal with that

  • ability to save off the fields

  • can customize the results as well

  • does have the name your search option

  • tabbed searching, see, similar to browser tabs

  • list of named searches

  • elastic search as an option: docId, Initiator, etc. search; full text search of database across everything that is indexed; UI would need to be field based

  • add to standard application header, perhaps dashboard, launchpad


  • no limit on number of columns currently

  • going to stack or detail within the table

  • look at Doc Search in a new way

  • different layouts when we do review

  • UX search pattern libraries

  • faceted search

Multi-phase approach

  • create an initial design that can be extended, potential enhancements

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