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  1. More than just software deployments
  2. Set of processes and methods for improving communication and collaboration between departments
  3. Improved relationships and collaboration
    1. Increased efficiency
    2. Reduce risk associated with frequent changes
  4. Driven by:
    1. Use of agile and other development processes and methodologies
    2. Demand for an increased rate of production releases from application and business unit stakeholders
    3. Wide availability of virtualized and cloud infrastructure from internal and external providers
    4. Increased usage of data center automation and configuration management tools

Kuali Projects

POM Driven Process




Numbered, stable, unchanging artifacts based on POM info + CI build number


On demand publishing of Kuali applications to environments hosted on Amazon EC2


On demand creation of named environments capable of hosting Kuali applications on Amazon EC2


Quality control for official Kuali artifacts (GPG signature, attached sources, javadocs etc.)


Automatic publishing of artifacts to Maven Central


Tag from which each numbered build is produced -


Numbered, stable, unchanging artifacts based on POM info + Subversion revision number


Automated generation of Sonar reports


Validate that the SCM information in the POM reflects the actual location in Subversion


Optimize the nightly build process for internally released artifacts (turn off GPG, etc)


Uniform application of the ECL 2.0 license header text

By The Numbers

  1. 28 Maven Plugins
    1. Original - 14
    2. Modified - 5
    3. Rewritten - 9
  2. Continuous Integration
    1. 500+ jobs
    2. ~35k lines of job related XML metadata
    3. 11g's in external binaries needed to complete Kuali builds
    4. Spike to 50+ build slaves within minutes
  3. Nexus + S3
    1. 2g's of traffic every day
    2. ~2 terabytes in build artifacts
  4. Cloudfront
    1. 11 gb's of traffic per month to the Maven generated technical documentation
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