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Row Details prototyping

Row details required that I do the following:

  • Add a placeholder group component (this has no lifecycle)
  • Add the placeholder in place of the group that would not be lifecycled
  • Store the original component in the placeholder for future retrieval
  • Add id and binding prefix information to the placeholder group
  • Retrieve the original component from the placeholder during the ajax request
  • Manipulate the id and binding information during the component request

Problems that still exist:

  • Ids are still wrong in someway, a paged table scenario in details does not work properly because it retrieves an incorrect component by id instead of the component it needs
  • Believe this is caused by incorrect manipulation of the id during the assign ids phase of the performLifecycle call and/or incorrect initialComponentStates information

retrieveViaAjax prototyping

This required the following:

  • Adding an if statement in getComponentsForLifecycle on ContainerBase to manipulate the components returned to be a placeholder for components which use this flag
  • Adding a protected placeholder property to container to reference its placeholder for binding manipulation retention from other placeholder manipulations (as in row details)
  • Manipulation of the id and binding in the performComponentLifecycle method

Problems/unknowns that still exist

  • Testing different kind of content in a lightbox
  • Testing disclosure version
  • Testing outside of a details case
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