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Date and Time: December 7th, 4-5 pm EST
Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 844-0850
Participant Access Code: 429965#
Facilitator: Eric Westfall


  • Eric Westfall - IU
  • Wes Price - Hawaii
  • Cameron Ahana - Hawaii
  • Tim Carrol - University of Illinois
  • Peter Giles - University of Washington
  • Dan Seibert - UCSD
  • Warren Liang - UC Irvine
  • Emerson David - UC Davis
  • Curtis Bray - UC Davis
  • Jonathan Keller - UC Davis
  • John ? - UCS Davis
  • Tom Bradford - rSmart
  • Tony Potts - rSmart
  • David Elyea - SJDC
  • Aaron Hamid - Cornell
  • Aaron Godert - Cornell
  • Sarah Christen - Cornell
  • Mike Kuklis - Cornell
  • Chris Hyzer - University of Pennsylvania
  • Garey Prohaska - University of Washington
  • Katya Sadovsky - UC Irvine
  • William Balderamos - Innovativ Consulting Partners
  • there were more then this that I probably missed...


  1. Welcome and roll-call (Eric Westfall, 5 minutes)
  2. Discussion around purpose and expectations of the group (Eric Westfall, 15 minutes)
  3. Conducting a survey about each groups' efforts (current and future implementers) (Eric Westfall, 15 minutes)
    • What kind of information would be useful to collect?
      • Implementing or in production?
      • What version?
      • Plans for use?
      • Supporting other Kuali apps?
      • Supporting local non-Kuali apps?
      • Level of usage - middleware integration, app building with KNS, etc?
    • What other information
  4. Project update (Eric Westfall, 15 minutes)
  5. Soliciting a facilitator for future meetings (Eric Westfall, 5 minutes)
  6. Future meetings (5 minutes)
    • Schedule - move meeting to earlier time? 3-4 pm? 3:30-4:30?
    • Agenda items


Discussion around purpose and expectations of the group

  • Eric - for me, a forum to share info and updates on the Rice project
    • putting on my IU hat, a place to talk about what everyone is doing with implementation and share ideas
  • Tim - a couple of things that would be nice to get
    • an idea of what others in the group are doing, can combine effort, accomplish same things
    • after KD, Arizona is doing LDAP integration, they had done a lot of that same work
    • if we could collaborate, with one LDAP reference implementation then we could contribute back
    • another example, creation of some simple installation instructions
  • Tony Potts - all about not duplicating effort, and communicating about what everyone is working on
    • would be good to know if something we are working on might be really important to a lot of people
    • Gary from UW - interested in hearing about other people's experience using Rice web services from a non-Java perspective
  • Katya - UC Irvine interested in everything being said so far
  • Curtis - one nice thing we could do on the conference call would be demos, web sharing, etc. Those are the kinds of things we could supplement off the list. Would be nice to see something visual.
    • example - PDF stuff that cornell did
  • Tony - just re-iterate about using Rice in non-java applications, i.e. Ruby
    • Brown is interested in using it with Ruby on Rails
      • Aaron H. - some Ruby on campus at Cornell
  • Aaron Godert - also a good opportunity to provide a periodic update on the roadmap as things change and communicate any possible impacting changes

Conducting a survey about each groups' efforts

  • Tim - started out using eDocLite, after looking into it further and seeing limitations, we're looking into KNS framework
    • would like to look at those different product lines merging or sharing code
      • Eric - interestingly enough, there is a roadmap item for this
    • Katya - in a similar situation with EDL, hopefully we can contribute some of the enhancements, would like to know more about what others are doing with it
  • Jonathan - one thing that would be helpful would be if we had shared experiences with configuring the Rice services
    • this is fairly new architecture for a lot of institutions
    • would be nice to have a way to share information about our environment (cpus, servers, etc.), say what did work and what didn't work
  • Peter - expanding on your level of usage idea
    • menu of integration types (i.e. edl apps, kns apps, etc.) standard terminology
  • Action Item - Eric will put together an initial version of the survey form

Project update

  • Eric - (quick recap and update on 1.0 to 1.0.2)
  • Eric - encourage everyone to take a look at the Rice roadmap and related links (including the roadmap process)
    • also, contribution guidelines are in the process of being finalized
    • Tony - this is currently happening in the KFFC (kuali finance functional council)
  • Katya - question about collaboration guidelines
    • are the technical groups involved as well?
    • Tony - started with KFS functional council, will be reviewed by other projects from there
  • Tony - goal is to make the barrier of entry low

Soliciting a facilitator for future meetings

Future meetings

  • Eric - send out a doodle to try and identify best time of day for meeting
    • include 2-3, 2:30-3:30, 3-4, 3:30-4:30, 4-5
  • Group agrees that for now, a monthly meeting will probably suffice
  • Agenda Items
    • Standing agenda item - project status update
    • survey item
    • Gary - drilling into more detail about what is meant by modularity in Rice 2.0
    • Katya - would be interested in what IU is doing with EDL
      • is there someone at Cornell who has time to show them what they are doing
      • Cornell - can show what they've done with KNS, EDL application was ported over

Action Items

  1. Eric - put together an initial version of the survey form for the group to review
  2. All - if anyone is interested in facilitating meeting moving forward, let me know
  3. Eric - send out a doodle to try and identify a good time and day for the meeting
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