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An object would be used that looks like this:

public class CssGridSizes

    private String cssSizeClasses;

    private int xsSize;

    private int smSize;

    private int mdSize;

    private int lgSize;

    private int xsOffset;

    private int smOffset;

    private int mdOffset;

    private int lgOffset;

Component would have

    private CssGridSizes cssGridSizes;

This would ignore the settings of the grid/label grid and be used instead if settings were set in here.  If cssSizeClasses is set that content will be set (ie this is the direct control option), otherwise the appropriate css would be generated based on settings set here.  Cell width, if set, would set either the smSize or mdSize for cssGrid (we use col span right now for this, this will set into this object automatically, if set).  For the labelCssGrid, you could set sizes individually for each label and field or globally for each label and field in that layout.  The layout manager would have:

    private CssGridSizes labelColumnSizes;

    private CssGridSizes fieldColumnSizes;

Then in the xml if you need to manipulate a component it would be:

p:cssGridSizes.mdSize="6" p:cssGridSizes.mdOffset="6" p:cssGridSizes.smSize="8"


p:cssGridSizes.cssSizeClasses="col-sm-8 col-md-6 offset-md-6"



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