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Test Failures

Builds are performed on the 2.2 branch on each commit. If a new test failure appears, the developer who made the commit should address the failure. Emails are sent our for build failures. In addition the builds can be viewed at:

Selenium Tests

For setup instructions, see Creating Rice Selenium IDE Tests

The exported scripts should go in:


Folders within this package can be created for the view under test (VUT), then the individual tests.

Export tests as JUnit 4 Webdriver

Best Practice #1

Selecting Elements

When selecting elements (to perform an assertion) the following are the preferred selector methods:

  1. Name attribute (controls)
  2. Label, Header, Button Text
  3. CSS Selector
  4. ID Selector (add an explicit id within the XML)
Best Practice #2

  1. Document what is being tested from a high level on the test class
  2. Add comments throughout the test to clarify the purpose of an assert (what are we checking for?)
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